Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV
Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV

Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV

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8 oz. Copper Solvent 
Superior Next Generation Formula

Pro-Shot's Copper Solvent IV is excellent for Copper, Powder, and Primer Fouling, while providing rust protection for your barrel.   

Designed Specifically for Copper (Jacketed Bullet) Fouling

How it works FAST & EFFECTIVELY to clean your Barrel.

Our synthetic formula uses activated positively charged ions that have an affinity for copper and its oxides. 

They bond and release the copper from the surface of the bore to provide a superior clean surface without copper and powder fouling. It also soaks into the pores of the metal to provide rust and corrosion inhibitor protection.

Our NEW innovative formula is a smarter, healthier,and environmentally safer way to clean than the old brute force method of throwing harsh chemicals at Copper fouling with the Ammonia Solvents.


Proprietary addtives that remove copper, powder, and primer fouling 

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

No Offensive Odor

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