Greg has been with Fisher Firearms since 1980 and has a huge amount of retail firearms experience. He is a passionate shotgun shooter and regular duck hunter. Greg's experience behind the gun has seen him win a number of local events in sporting clays. His experience behind the counter has given him a wealth of knowledge in not only his chosen area of shooting, but across the entire firearms experience.



Milan is a very experienced rifle shooter. His focus on his rifle shooting has seen him compete at the brenchrest World Championship with the Australian Team. Milan's experience covers most aspects of rifle shooting, reloading, and hunting as well. Due to his approachable demenure and more than a decade of experience in the industry with Fisher Firearms, Milan's thoughts and opinions are sort after across the country.



  • Andrew


Andrew has been an active shooter for over 50 years. He has competed all over the world in various disciplines, been involved in the industry for the majority of his shooting years, has sat on the combined Shooters and Firearms Council of SA. He is also the armourer for the Adelaide University Regiment. He usually helps out on Thursday nights and loves to share his expert advice, particularlly on handguns.