Tikka T3X Varmint Stainless
Tikka T3X Varmint Stainless

Tikka T3X Varmint Stainless

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The heavy, stainless steel barrel of the Tikka T3X Varmint Stainless effectively eliminates vibration and does not overheat even in fast paced varmint shooting. T3X Varmint Stainless comes with a 3, 5 or 6-round detachable magazine. Synthetic stock has an extra-wide fore-end and cheek piece. When it comes to consistent, predictable accuracy, be it in range or plains, T3X Varmint is hard to out-shoot. Available also for left-handed shooters.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall lengthT31110 mm
  • Barrel lengthT3 600 mm
  • WeightT33.6 kg

Actions & Calibers

  • Small .204 Ruger, .222 Rem, .223 Rem (note: 2.23 Rem comes in 8 and 12 rate of twist).
  • Medium.22-250 Rem, .243 Win, .260 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win, .338 Fed.
  • Short Mag..270 WSM, .300 WSM
  • Long.25-06 Rem, 6.5x55 SE, .270 Win, 7x64, .30-06 Sprg, 9.3x62
  • Magnum 7 mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag

Cat B centre-fire bolt action repeater rifle – requires appropriate licence. Contact us at 08 8362 8977 or email sales@fisherfirearms.com.au.

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