Winchester .223 Super X 55gr 20pk
Winchester .223 Super X 55gr 20pk

Winchester .223 Super X 55gr 20pk

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Ammunition only available in store. Firearms licence must be provided.


Make: Winchester


Projectile: Power Point

Projectile Weight: 55gr

Excellent for: All round use

Quantity: 20




Pointed bullet design retains velocity over long ranges. Soft nose initiates rapid bullet expansion. Jacket and core toughness vary according to caliber and weight of bullet.
• Soft point - massive knock down traditional mushroom
• Notched jacket - consistent upset performance
• Alloyed lead core - controlled expansion
• Contoured jacket - to maximize upset performance

Want better, more dependable knock-down power? Then load up with the legendary Super-X ammunition – made with the same skill, care and quality as when first introduced in 1922. Today Super-X is made using precise manufacturing processes and the highest quality components to provide consistent, dependable performance that generations of shooters continue to rely upon. Smokeless powder, Stainless, Non-Corrosive priming.


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