STS 400m 2MOA Gong Target
STS 400m 2MOA Gong Target

STS 400m 2MOA Gong Target

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The 400m Round Gong is a a very versatile 233mm (9.17") in diameter. Large enough for pistol or free hand rifle shooting, as well as small enough for 400 to 800m prone or bench rest rifle shooting, it is a great size for an all round steel target. Like our other targets it contains two 13mm mounting holes outside of the target area. These can be utilised to suspend the target from a stand in a target gong application, or inverted and utilised as a plate rack target. 

Sized at  233mm  in diameter this target presents a 2.0 MoA @ 400m or 1.0 MoA @ 800m target. The painted black target rings (on one side) represent Minute of Angle (MoA) dimensions at 400m (outer ring measures 1.25MoA @ 400m). Target rings can be reapplied by utilising the 400m Round Paint Stencil.

*Mounting kit available separately.

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