Remington 7615 .223 Pump Action Rifle
Remington 7615 .223 Pump Action Rifle

Remington 7615 .223 Pump Action Rifle

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Maybe you flinched? Or the the animal turned at the last split-second? Either way, our Model 7615™ centerfire rifles get you back on target. Instantly. Because not only are they built to deliver legendary Remington® first-shot accuracy, they’re also designed for ultra-fast follow-up shots – without ever having to unshoulder your rifle.


  • Action, slide release and safety based on the design of the Model 870, America’s most popular pump shotgun for instantaneous user familiarity
  • Weight distribution and slim-line design result in shotgun-like balance and pointability
  • 16" barrel with iron sights and receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts allow for multiple sighting options
  • Don’t worry about taking that extra shot, every Model 7615 comes standard with a ten-round magazine and accepts aftermarket AR-15 magazine boxes


Cat B centre-fire pump action repeater rifle – requires appropriate licence. Contact us at 08 8362 8977 or email

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