MaxBox II Magnetic Gun Rest
MaxBox II Magnetic Gun Rest

MaxBox II Magnetic Gun Rest

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The world’s first and only Magnetic Rifle Rest, the “MaXbox” is highly recommended for its lightweight portability that is not only magnetic to vehicles and metal surfaces, it also the most versatile rest on the market. The MaXbox has been acclaimed by many respected and experienced shooters, as the best new product seen in many years.


The MaXbox features eight rare earth magnets in total, with two magnets integrated on each side. The MaXbox is designed to fit most rifles as it features two different size cut outs. It is also easily customizable for extremely wide rifle stocks. MaXbox also allows the shooter to shoot from two different heights. Being extremely light (220) grams, it makes it highly convenient when carrying your rest, which is in contrast to all traditional rests which are heavy and awkward. The magnets hold up to speeds of approximately 40mph / 70kmph. The MaXbox is weather, water, solvent and oil resistant. The magnets are covered with foam film to prevent the scratching of vehicles.


Uses Advantages

  • Magnetizes on the roof or the hood of a vehicle up to approximately 40mph / 70kmph
  • Sighting in rifles with convenience
  • Offers a well-balanced rest for servicing rifles
  • Light and easy to carry in the field
  • Due to its unique material density, the MaXbox  absorbs recoil
  • Won’t damage rifle stocks

Appose to a rest that only allows the for-end of the rifle to rest upon; which presents immense vertical pivoting and reliance of a rear squeeze bag, the MaXbox allows the rifle to balance freely.


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