STS 500m 2MOA Gong Target
STS 500m 2MOA Gong Target

STS 500m 2MOA Gong Target

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The 500m Round Gong, is currently the largest stocked gong STS offer. It is a large 291mm (2.0MoA @ 500m, 1.0 MoA @ 1000m) round gong for shooting at longer ranges. 

This target is a comfortable size for rifle shooting at distances up to 500m, and a good challenge for prone or bench rest shooters out to 1 kilometre. 

The painted black target rings (on one side) represent Minute of Angle (MoA) dimensions at 500m (outer ring measures 1.25MoA @ 500m). These can be reapplied using the STS 500m Round Paint Stencil.

*Mounting kit available separately.

Product may need to be ordered, please confirm pricing when ordering.

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