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In Vivaz we have designed our own control systems which constantly monitor the quality and traceability of our raw materials, our production processes and our finished products. In our laboratory we analyse each batch of raw material so as to ensure that it meets the technical standards we demand of our suppliers.

We guarantee the stability of the critical parameters in operation during the production process including the mix, the temperature, the cooling rate etc. We carry out individualised quality control checks in respect of every clay target.

Our technical staff, which has have been carefully trained for this meticulous task, carefully handle and pack each clay pigeon. The manufacturing team rejects any clay which does not reach Vivaz's high quality standards.

When we ship our clay targets internationally, the product is packed in high quality reinforced boxes incorporating individual dividers,which guarantee the protection of the clay during transport and handling.

We also ensure that the load is properly positioned on the truck as we have established how to optimally load and transport our materials.

All our clay targets fulfill all the technical standards of the International Shooting Sport Federation (I.S.S.F.) and are approved by the Royal Spanish Olympic Shooting Federation. (Real Federación Española de Tiro Olímpico). 

Vivaz's products have a minimal breakage rate (less than 1% *) when they are used in the main brands of trap machines such as Mattarelli, Promatic and Laporte.

The same expert tests showed that the use of Vivaz clay targets considerably increased the shooters’ percentage of successful shots when compared to clays manufactured by other companies.

Furthermore Vivaz's clays' florescent high-visibility paint gives shooters spectacular results even at night.

These increased hit rates enhance shooter motivation and improve their natural performance .

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