Little Sure Shot Gun Rest
Little Sure Shot Gun Rest

Little Sure Shot Gun Rest

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Until the invention of Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ in 2005, most hunters shot freehand while a few lugged shooting sticks around with them. But overall, the vast majority of hunters rejected shooting sticks. Most hunters sacrificed the greater accuracy and range because they objected to carrying a 6-foot stick. They preferred to keep their hands free.
Little Sure Shot Gun Rests stay tucked away until needed.
Today, hunters have the freedom to keep a Little Sure Shot in a pocket or pack. Then when they reach the hunting site, they simply hook our compact rests to limbs, branches, sticks or fence posts. They no longer need to carry a stick at all times. Now hunters simply use what nature offers.
If hunters have traditional wood walking sticks, aluminum or composite hiking poles Little Sure Shot Gun Rests can convert them to ideal shooting platforms.
Accuracy increases up to 50% and range by up to 25%.
Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ are rapidly becoming standard hunting gear worldwide due to their ability to dramatically improve accuracy. Hunters can stay on target much longer and concentrate better.
They are more relaxed especially through the shoulder, upper arm and wrist areas and comfortable waiting for just the right shot.
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