Bore Tech Eliminator
Bore Tech Eliminator

Bore Tech Eliminator

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Until recently, cleaning a rifles bore was a scrub and swab proposition that could result in mounds of dirty patches and lots of elbow grease before they were clean. Today's high-pressure magnums and mega shotgun loads have compounded the problem. That many passes with a rod could potentially damage a crown or chamber, but we had little choice.

One of the fastest, easiest and safest ways to clean a gun, Eliminator will eliminate the need for other special cleaners on the bench. Works for rimfire, centerfire and shotgun barrels, this cleaner works in a two step process, the first one changes the electric configuration of the copper and the second step acts as a magnet to remove virtually all copper and prevents it from rebedding into the barrel. Non-toxic, non-flammable chemical is petroleum and ammonia free.

Enter technology! Eliminator

The most innovative Gun cleaner ever developed!

Eliminator Contains, NO Ammonia & NO Petrol Solvents.

Eliminator is NON Flammable & NON toxic.

And has virtually no odour (finally a product that won't get you kicked outside when cleaning your firearms)

The fastest easiest and cleanest way to clean your firearms ever.

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