MaxBox Door Pro II
MaxBox Door Pro II

MaxBox Door Pro II

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The MaXbox Door Pro II is the second revolutionary design of Light Weight Rifle Rest invented and designed by Eagleye Hunting Gear. The MaXbox Door Pro has been designed specifically for shooters that prefer to shoot from the comfort of the vehicle whilst in a seated position. 


The Door Pro is the ideal rifle rest for the Professional and Sporting Shooter. It allows the driver or any of the passengers to shoot from any window. The Door Pro takes a second to assemble and a second to disassemble; this feature is advantageous while hunting in extreme weather.  It also assists the shooter to make quick, accurate shots enabling the shooter maximum accuracy. MaXbox Door Pro does not require any nuts, bolts, screws, straps or heavy metal brackets. It has been designed to withstand speeds up to 55 mph / 90km/hr. The Door Pro is shock resistant and absorbs recoil due to the density of the material. It is also water and weather proof.


The MaXbox Door Pro has two add on parts which consist of red powder coated metal plates glued on to them which align to the magnets for quick and easy packaging. The first of the two add on pieces is a Spacer; the Spacer can either be used as a spacer for height adjustments for taller people and can also act as spacer for thinner doors. The second add on piece is the Mini MaXbox; the Mini MaXbox features two size cut outs which enables most rifle stocks to fit into it comfortably ensuring a well-balanced rest.


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